Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 reflection

2012 was all right. The thing I liked about it is that I liked being in class with my main mate, Kayde. We always get in trouble. I didn't learn anything.

I didn't really enjoy 2012 at the beginning because we didn’t really do anything that was interesting or was to my liking. One of the things that I did enjoy was extension because we got to do stuff like animating, drawing and I really enjoy doing that.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Spider Woman

Spider Woman the best of the universe. Spider Woman first was introduced in 1977 in a marvel comic book “Marvel Spotlight #32” After the conclusion of the comics, Spider Woman was depowered and unusable.

Spider Woman the girl version of the Ultimate Spider Man. Who was originally bit by a spider, so I’m guessing the same happened to her.

Spider Woman is in a few games. She is in an award winning game “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2’’ but had different voice characters. Part 1 by Tasia Valenza and part 2 by Elizabeth Daily.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bow-tie Spy-camera

Today in extension I was given an object, then had to turn it into a toy or game. I was given a bow-tie and I decided to turn it into a spy-camera.

My spy-camera is based for 8+ years of age, and would be powered by batteries.It also could be a good prank tool on your friends.The aim of the game is just really to be a spy and act like an agent.

Where Am I From

Where I am from I See birds soaring through the open sky
Where I am from I Hear people laughing with joy
Where I am from I Smell mum’s great cooking
Where I am from I Feel like this is where I belong
Where am I from? Glen Innes is where I’m from

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bush Narrative

“Plot, plot” the sounds of spitting rain hitting against the pairs car. The two friends Josh and Kalim, decided to take a bushwalk, as Josh was leaving to another country. It wasn’t the best day to be going for a walk in the bush, but there was no other day since one of the pair were leaving. They both stepped out of the 4 wheel drive and threw on their raincoats and set off on their journey. Josh and Kalim were following the dirt track, which was getting a bit clunky and started to create mud. Both kept walking on, until Kalim slipped in a mud puddle. Kalim was covered in dirty, slimey, smelly mud. He thought it would be a good idea to head back to the car and drive back home. But Josh insisted to carry on their walk. Then the rain really started to pour down on these two, so the both had a little sit down at the park bench to see if it would calm down a little. While they were waiting, Josh and Kalim talked about all their great memories. Josh and Kalim totally forgot about the walk, which they were supposed to be doing. Both had a quick snack of fruit then set back off for their walk. Though the rain didn't settle down, they came across a lot more mud, and a few landslides leading down to the deep treacherous river below. A mist started to grow in the air, they were almost unable to see where they were going. Josh pulled out his torch to see if it would help. It did but not that much. Kalim yelled “HELLO” to see if anyone was around to help them out of the mist. The rain became harsher and harsher, until the rain was hurting their body’s. Kalim started to get worried and asked Josh if they could go back to the car. “Okay” josh said. But as they were walking both Josh and Kalim slipped down the landslide and hit the rocks below, fracturing Kalim’s ankle. Kalim moaned in agony “AAAAH MY FOOT, MY FOOT” “Your gonna be alright Kalim” Josh replied. Knowing they were going to need some help soon, the tide grew higher and the current went harsher and faster. Desperately Josh pulled his phone out of his bag, and rang the emergency services. But his phone only had one bar of signal, and was hard to communicate with the operator. Josh waved his phone around to get a better signal, Kalim moaned even more. “I’m trying to get help Kalim just hang in there” Josh said to him. As night fell, Josh ran out to get some supplies to camp out. He made a tent out of wood, and a tarpaulin he had in his backpack. The sun rised. Josh and Kalim’s family also got worried, and desperately rang emergency services. “Hello what is your emergency?” “Hello my husband and his friend went out on a bushwalk and haven't arrived home yet, please help” Kalim’s wife Debra and the officer kept talking. A helicopter was set out to look for the pair. Lucky Josh had the flairs in his backpack, for when they got lost. The chopper saw a glimpse of the flair, and flew down to a safe area. He called in cops, and an Ambulance to help. Both were helped up from the river, and rushed to hospital. Josh went back to his family, and Kalim set off to America. Josh said to his family “What a way to go bushwalking” Josh and Kalim still keep hold of each other and still share great memories together. One day Josh said he might fly over to America and hang with his best friend again to share some more memories.

Barn Narrative

Looking around, all we could see were swamp like puddles and a heavy mist lowering from the sky above. Mud trails with animal droppings all around surrounded the barn . Our teeth couldn't stop chattering as we couldn’t bear the freezing temperature. Thinking that it was summer we didn’t pack any jackets or jerseys.

Uncle Lucky, looked back at us two, smiling with his rotten teeth. “You two are going to have a horrible time” He knew that we had been playing up and that we were both naughty boys.I got a hiding from uncle Lucky for laughing when he smiled. But in the end we were still a close family.

We took our first steps into our new home for a week. Uncle Lucky slowly opened the door. The creak from the rusty hinges were as loud as a elephant going wild. Looking inside we were shocked to see how paru it was. Now we regret being naughty. The horrific smell, of the barn was dreadful, there were animal droppings everywhere, more than outside in fact. The moon arose and it was time to sleep.

Cosy in bed Matthew and I were ready to get as much sleep as we can before we get to work tomorrow. So was Uncle Lucky. We awoke to a strange noise. It sounded like a little boy screaming for help. Matthew was very scared. I was in control of myself.

“What the?” I yelled. Matthew and I looked out the window to see a cow with blood red eyes staring at us going crazy. Now I was scared. After seeing and hearing those strange things, we were very afraid to go back to sleep. But that was the best thing.

Sun arose, and beamed directly into our eyes as we were sleeping. Matthew and I awoke and to see Uncle lucky wasn't in his bed, he usually would be sleeping. But we heard him outside singing flat, and smoking. “You two boys better get working, there's a long day ahead for you two” Uncle Lucky said to us.

Forest Narrative

Wind buffeted the trees, a mist foged and drips of water plotted down from above. A group of  “red coats” patrolled the streets of a small village. Ezio Auditore quickly dived behind a tree and threw his hood over his head.

The darkness of his clothing hid him from the red coat soldiers. He quickly snuck off, making the least of noise. Tensing his muscles, he jumped onto the road and ran home, with his bird he hunted with his bow.

With fear of being shot in the back of his head, he sprinted home with hardly any food, for his family. He heard horses galloping, and was worried.