Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 2010 reflection

My reflection for 2010!!!, has been a tremendous year, awesome in every way it can be, I had some negative and some parts, and some pretty cool times.

This has been one of my favourite years at Pt.England, it has had some challenges and some fun but I’ve made it, so thats been quite crazy. Thats why this year is my favourite year.

One of my best learning subject has to be maths because, it is one if my hardest and I always tried my hardest even in the test. Most of the time maths was exciting,and fun,but it was still hard.

I think I’ve mostly like art the best. Because it always interested me in any way, but I think I’ve mostly liked maori arts the most,because it has alot of patterns that really catch my mind.I like drawing with Miss M, she really had alot of artistic in her, so I liked her alot about her art style.

This was my 2010 reflection,Hoped you enjoyed.Strive to Succeed,Pt.England.Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This is our movie starring,Matthew,Kobe Erene and Joshua.ENJOY :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Do you know how big a tarantula can get?
It can grow up to the size of your dinner plate.Did you know that the tarantula's bite is not that dangerous,its no worse than a bee sting,unless your allergic

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Totara Springs

We had arrived at school ready to leave, but not all students were here. We waited for what seemed like ages, but really it was probably only about 5 minutes. I was so impatient to get off to camp.

Finally the bus arrived just like the rest of the students, ”yes” I said to myself. However, we still haven’t loaded the bus! The adults loaded it up, and we were set to go off to Green Lane to pick up the rest of the campers.

Half an hour had past, and we’ve made it to Green Lane. A new bunch of campers, from boys to girls had entered the bus. Kayde, Matthew T and I were asking some of the campers”Wheres Bailey?, Wheres Bailey” unfortunately know one knew where he was, or even excited. Off we go to Totara Springs.

Peni(senior boy’s leader)said to us we have to go meet our area head, and cabin. But first we had to unload the bus. Finally we have we finished. Then Leon(2nd senior boy’s leader)told us to sit on the bench or the pavement. So we waited,for the rest of Pt England to collect there bags.

We had arrived at our cabin, and its was not as pretty as last year.But us boys can hack it.So we found our beds.”Lecture theater, boys” Peni ordered. So we had walked to the theater, and plus ,its only a few steps away from our cabins.

We sat in our team lines,we where boys 5 and our area head is Aaron.Then we played bull rush with all the boys.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kiwis are cool

Most birds can soar through the air-kiwis cant.Some birds can build nests high up in the trees-kiwis dont.Other birds can rock up into the air-kiwis certainly cant.But I still think kiwis are the best,KIWIS ARE COOL!

Its not that kiwis are that big,Like most kiwis are about the size of a rugby ball.The Kiwis height is about 25-55 cm.But the funny thing is that the female kiwi,is bigger than the male.

They’re not exactly ugly,but they are quite boring.They have no colour,their hair isn’t dazzling or sparkling. The kiwi’s fur is dull,stiff and plain in all places. But most bizzare thing is its bill.Thats right its bill is so unique that if it was measured in cm it would be about 20 cms long.

A lot of people think that the flight of a kiwi is impossible more likely because they must of heard and spread rumors. Families think that kiwis dont have any wing at all,but under all their stiff plumage.

Kiwis are real good at digging burrows, because their legs are really strong like Chris Jack.They usually dig burrows as steep as three metres,so they can keep their babies nice and safe.Also to store their food to keep it clean

And there you have it. How could you possibly resist a big billed,brown dull,strong fighting,chubby kiwi like this.If kiwis are’nt cool than I dont know what is!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Cross-Country event

I spurted past 6 people,it was the last leg of the race,and i was felling quite lethargic.As the race was over i was felling lethargic,because all the energy in my body had vanished in to the distance.Really I didn't race,because I have Asthma.But I really wanted to race in the event.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Warriors vs Titans

On sunday 1st of August I watched th Warriors and Titans match.I saw my buddy Kayde on TV,and he was cherring like a wild animal.It was sad we lost,but you lose some and you win some.It was a close game 28-20 but our boys had heart,and good n them for playing hard.Go the mighty WARRIORS.BLEHH

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mighty Mariners

Achieving the goal to wake up early was a huge challenge, as the morning flew by I saw pt England coming to the horizon. I was excited because it was also the first day of term three, and we were going to have a new topic to learn about. I wondered a little bit on what was the new topic gonna be. Then it struck me, a teacher strolled past me dressed like some kind of pirate. I kind of got an idea but I knew I had to wait for the big assemble to start, but until that came I just waited. We were allowed to enter the hall and try to figure out the topic, not Long later Mr Burt announced that it was Mighty Mariners.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mount Tarawera eruption

Ki Ora My group(Joshua,Erene and Matthew)have created a movie using,Hyper Studio,iMovie HD and Garage Band.Our movie is all animation,because we had no time to use the video camera.But still we had a come back and finished the movie.

So just sit back relax and enjoy the movie.:)And also leave a comments PLEASE

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our under 50 kg rugby team

13games so far,2 tournaments 4 games.Right now we haven't loss a game so its 13-0 and our next game is against Fair Burn.I think were going to win.And our team is positive that were going to win.Ya!

Meet our team,Pt England's under 50 kg rugby team.here are our players.Kane,lepa,MatthewT,Dominiq,Kayde,Kaiden,Aidan,Onosai,Gabriel
,Dante,Starford,Heremaia,Potaua,Shawn,Miracle,Misi,.That is our terrific team

Our coaches are Colin(my dad)and Roger(my uncle).They are really great coaches,even the team thinks so.But sometimes that get mixed up and teach us the wrong skill,but we correct them.

Our team has 1 training a week,that is fine for us.Coach Colin recommends that we should have 2 trainings a week so that we can pick up our game,and make our score something Nill.

I feel that our under 50 kg rugby team is going to be the Auckland champs this year.And I'm confident that our team will not give up,and will come to trainings every week unless there sick.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pt.England vs Kelston

We started off scared and nervous.First half winning 21-0.Scrum,it our ball Matthew T takes a tackle,penalty high tackle.Dominiq takes the punt,its a line out to Pt.England.I catch the ball pass it to Lepa,Lepa runs it up passes to Dominiq,tackled"Go forwards go"coach Colin supported.

Second half its 33-12,Kelson coach telling his team to keep there head high.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finished our 12 round of rock our world


1. By posting every week and making longer and interesting sentences

2. I can inprove by posting at least 2 postes a week.And better pictures in my movies...in advertisements.
brick wall
3.Speaking to people I haven't met like D'Wayne Edwards because when I get up I get shy,konw I found a solution it is to stand in front of a mirror and practice,and also when my neighbour gos out for a walk I would ask him if I could practice with him.

4.To learn and to share other things we have learnt.And also to talk to people around the world and evan sometimes famous charaters like Will Smith and D'Wayne Edwards.to bring people together.To help others.To meet new people.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Under water explosion

This under water explosion was horrible there was lava spitting out every were.It just made an island,I've reported from 3 news that it is still spewing out lava....A few years later people have started to live on this island.This is the latest news from Matthew and this is 3 news good night

Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Brian visting PT.England

What nice vegetables Iron Brian,care to share Mr.Brian?Actually you all can get healthy Iron Brian's spectacular burgers"BURGERS"Tasty.Write children were going to learn what to have as a diet and as a treat."YAHOO"
Iron Brian filled the kids faces with joy,Iron played games and quizzes,Excitement shadowed the room and then it was the final dance off,to see who's going to get the healthy burgers first.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Active Earth

If you know that was in Iceland,the terrifying tornado with lightning striking right through the devastating tornado.It said that this was the 2ND problem in ice land but I don't believe it.I think this will last up to a month.If you can see in the ash and smog,it looks like a a VOLCANO!!!thats all i could give you for now BY

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My best buds

Finally Iv'e waited one whole week for this day,becauce its MUFTY DAY!!!!We are going to have a spactacular disco awsome lunch and also a fantastic day.Every body in Tamaki wished they could come for the day.

In the picture you can see Mr Jackson(Erene), beside him Mr lifes good(Aidan) under him is me (Matthew) then theres the chies biggest fan (Kayde) then theres (Shawn) who is on top of (kayde).Next to (Shawn) is the big solid man (Joe).On the right next to (Joe) is my best friend (Matthew T).Oh I totally forgot about the king side steper (Jeyan)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Treaty signing Hone heke

Hone heke came to an island were he saw a paper wich said treaty of waitangy on it,a pensil and a note witch said please sign.Since Hine heke didn't konw how to write he came up with an idea of drawing him self.Hone heke didn't konw how to draw so he spent a long time drawing.Honw heke was one of the first to sigh the treaty because he was very keen

Matthew's Iguanadon

Matthew learnt all about the Iguanodon, a very fierce dinosaur, and has put all his information into this Hyperstudio animation.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My highlights for this term

Emotionally the term is over in just a short amount of time.1. The best three highlights for this term has to start with the hilarious CAMP KINDNESS!I haven't experienced being a leader at camp.But know there's no need to worry any more,I think I can lead a year 7 team.

Secondly,this is about experiencing extension.I haven't been in this group before,but its still awesome being in this group.I wonder if i'm going to be in this group next term.Sadly I going to have the 4 tests again,so that the staff can see who should be in extension and who should not.

I saved the best for last!My best highlight for this term has to be talking to the man Witch is a mentor and a man who belives in him self and every body else.This man D'wane Edwards is a lead disigner for Nike.It was a very big experince talking to D'Wayne Edwards

Monday, March 29, 2010

Captain Cook

Captain Cook the man who was the first to travel the country New Zealand.he saw and felt a lot of new things.He learnt how to speak a new language,Moari.

historical event 1

This is my movie of maori people doing there share.I animated a maori man
planting and pulling out the kumara.So sit back relax and enjoy!!!!

Signing the treaty

In early hours of the day,Hone heke went strolling down the alley,when he saw a lady at a table.Hone heke got ask to sign the treaty,but he didnt have to,but he was so keen so hene heke sign the treaty

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pukekos with Matthew R

Pukekoes are native to new Zealand. Many people have been saying,it was brought to new Zealand,by one of the ancestors conoe. The Pukeko is related to the animal “Takahe”. Baby chicks are born with large feet,so they can swim strongly,in fast flowing water. Now, people have been saying that they flew over to New Zealand,because it can fly very far. The can fly up to 200 k. They mostly like to live in the south island,near an edge, of a lake or a pond.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Matthew's Portfolio from Room 14

In 2009 Matthew was in Room 14 as a Year 5 student.

He posted lots of work on the Room 14 class blog.

If you click here you will be able to see all of his work from 2009.