Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The History of the Mighty but Famous Pen

Lewis Waterman invented the ballpoint pen and Lazlo Biro invented another type of pen.
Well the ink actually stays inside the pen and you don’t have to dip in the ink pot.

There is now different kinds of pens all over the world. Also now you can use different kinds of colours as in ink colours. As you can see pens can run out of ink in a period of 7 to 10 years and it can be replaceible, but that would `just be a big waste of time, so you can just go buy another pen worth one dollar and it will last as I say 7 to 10 years! That is one of the WOW factors of pens.
The other WOW factor is that today some people still use quills and ink pots. As years passed the pen improved for instance, the style has changed the ink has changed, the appearance has changed and also the size.
The first people to use a type of pen, were Ancient Indians. They used feathers and bamboo sticks and so on.
The pen has improved quite a lot since then. Also the first pen was invented in Seville, Spain.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knight vs Warriors

Determined tackling - at one point midway through the second half the Warriors defended their line for 22 consecutive plays - and some smart team management by coach Ivan Cleary were the hallmarks of the Ausgrid Stadium win, the side coming from 16-12 down with seven minutes remaining to snatch the game.The Warriors had a sluggish start to the season, but have struck back with six wins from their past seven matches.In recent weeks the notoriously inconsistent Kiwi side have toppled Melbourne at their AAMI Park graveyard, the Gold Coast on the sunshine strip and now the Knights in Newcastle.Cleary had the Warriors set up camp in Australia since arriving early for last week's win over the Titans, and the more settled approach, courtesy of reduced travel, appeared to pay off on a glorious Sunday afternoon in Newcastle."It was a pretty tough schedule so we decided to stay and just take a couple of flights out," Cleary said."Having said that it was still a pretty big week for us - four guys backing up for two games last weekend as well (the New Zealand Test and Titans match). To get out of that with a win is very satisfying."Cleary was ecstatic with the way his side fought back from their poor start thanks to the energy they created without the ball."The best part, apart from the win, was that we didn't concede a point in the second half," he said, after his side had trailed 16-12 at the break."Whilst we didn't play great we did enough to hang in there and win."An exciting final seven minutes saw the Warriors cross twice through five-eighth James Maloney and fullback Lance Hohaia (his second for the day), before star of the show Maloney calmly potted a field goal.After leading for the majority of the match, 18,158 fans trudged out of the stadium in despair.The game was there for the Knights to win and they'll lament their inability to breach the visitors' line despite numerous chances in the final 40 minutes."With 15 minutes to go the game was in the balance," a dejected Knights coach Rick Stone said."I think a few concentration lapses, that mental toughness, we let ourselves done in that respect."There wasn't much difference in who had the most football on the day, it was pretty even, we let ourselves down in that last little bit."Stone would not be drawn on the future of injured hooker Isaac De Gois, who had agreed to a new deal earlier in the year that has since been put on the back burner.De Gois has now been linked with a return to former club, Cronulla next season.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Editing My Hooks

An annoying screeching sound from the T.V. echoed to my ears and awoke me, I had to finish it,but half my body was still hibernating.”ahhhh” the noise hurts, its waking me,I still need some sleep.My eyes widened when I took a peek at the time,5:30 a.m.I ended the sound,finally time to get some sleep.”Matthew time to get up,we have to go for a jog”mum said”but mum”I replied.mum said”no buts”

“Matthew, kill the sound NOW!!” Mum yelled. It had woken my mum as well but I was still lethargic. I had to end the annoying screeching sound. I slowly left my bed and reached for the television and switched it off.Finally now for some rest.”Matthew get up jogging time”Mum said. “Man”I said in my mind

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Translation 2 down 2 across

Lately room 20 has been learning about Geometry, and today we learnt about Geometry-Translation, witch means to move an object without rotating it or resizing it or re-drawing the object.We used google drawing to create this.At first I didnt know what Geometry-Translation was until I got taught by Mrs Nua

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell a scottish-born person,was taking credit for the invention of the telephone by Antonio Mucci.”Boston Massachusetts “(were Alexader said,it was born).The first most famous words said over the telephone were “Mr. Watson,come here I want to see you” on March 10 1876 by Alexander G Bell to Thomas A. Watson,in the next room.

North Shore TORNADO!!!!

On May the 3rd around 3:00 pm Auckland's North Shore had been hit by a extraordinary devastation,witch caused a man to get caught in the terrifying TORNADO! He was then thrown straight into a building,at 200 mp/h and split his head.The mean beast uplifted cars,people were hurt,the local mall roof destroyed,severe damages, to an aftermath for your non-ordinary day.