Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Editing My Hooks

An annoying screeching sound from the T.V. echoed to my ears and awoke me, I had to finish it,but half my body was still hibernating.”ahhhh” the noise hurts, its waking me,I still need some sleep.My eyes widened when I took a peek at the time,5:30 a.m.I ended the sound,finally time to get some sleep.”Matthew time to get up,we have to go for a jog”mum said”but mum”I replied.mum said”no buts”

“Matthew, kill the sound NOW!!” Mum yelled. It had woken my mum as well but I was still lethargic. I had to end the annoying screeching sound. I slowly left my bed and reached for the television and switched it off.Finally now for some rest.”Matthew get up jogging time”Mum said. “Man”I said in my mind

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