Friday, November 4, 2011

Gravitational pull

Every time you jump, you experience gravity. It pulls you back down to the ground. Without gravity, you'd float off into the atmosphere -- along with all of the other matter on Earth.

Gravity is a force, and its job/work is to pull an object to the ground.

My holiday

“Sponge-Bob Sqaurepants, Sponge-Bob Squarepants” The theme song went, as I sat relaxed in the lounge.Then my mum approaches me with an idea.I new it was going to be a good idea, by the look in her eye.It was an intense look, like she wanted to turn super saiyen

So she explained.We were going to Rainbow’s End for an adventure quest, with the family.Then I said to my self “A Quest?” that sounds strange.Mum called our cousins, and arranged the event.

We all gathered in our vehicles and set off to Rainbow’s End.The family entered the gate, and prepared to get ready.My mum explained the rules and how it works.It was sort of like the Amazing Race.Ive been on all the rides more than 3 times before so I reckoned, I had a slight chance, of getting ahead of others.

We head off to the starting pitch A.K.A the entrance.READY,SET, alot of tension was building up inside us, for who’s going to get to their ride first.GO.I set off like Flash the Marvel hero.Almost tripping up, I arrived at my first ride the Pirate ship,lucky it wasn't far from the start. Nearly smashing into the rope.I quickly boarded the ship ready for action.Then it started, it had a slow start but I knew it had to take time for it to kick in, then, Woosh,Woosh we flung in the air, as it pushes against my face.A bug flew in my mouth, it was disgusting.Finally it ended, I aborted the ship, as the butterflies in my stomach were still flying around.I was handed the ticket for the next ride, I opened it anxiously waiting to see what was next.

“Noooo” my cousin cried.Our next ride was The FearFall, He had always been scared of this specific ride, but I thought it was cool because I like it when butterflies, just race in my stomach.We set off to our next destination, spotting our my cousin’s (another team) still finishing their first ride.I said to my self “yess we must be in first place” We quickly hopped on to the Fearfall. Slowly raising to the top of the 18 story high structure, when my cousin was about to wee his pants and I was almost about to laugh.
Then all of a sudden, “Whoom” all the weight in my stomach, just felt like it flew to my eyeballs.The seats just fell to the ground, in a flash.My cousin (partner for quest) was screaming his lungs out.The auto-mated braking system slowed us down.

A few rides went by, and I was handed the final ticket,It was the finish I had to run to the last pit stop.I see some of my cousins running. “oh no” I said to my self. “c’mon cuz lets go”
Noooooooooo, it was a tie, between my team and my uncles team.

But at the end of the day, we all had fun.We had a huge lunch, and went off to enjoy the rides.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My MI (Multiple Intelligence) Test

Kia Orana, Here is my Multiple Intelligence results, we did in class.As you can see I'm mostly people smart, and body smart.I do like to keep clean, and keep fit.I'm a bit self smart, music smart and picture smart.You can have a look at my picture a see it your self.