Friday, September 21, 2012

Year 7 & 8 Social Night!

Matthew T, Kayde and I walk in with each with our glasses, saying we’re the 3 Stooges.I could see from the outside, that the year 7 and 8 Social was going to be an awesome time.The doors opened. “here I go”.

“Hi Mrs Nua” us boys say. “Hey boys” Mrs Nua replies. It was my turn to give my ticket for entre. I waited or a little while, for my friends to pay, so we could  go in the same time. We took our first few steps into the hall. It only had around 6-10 people in, but it only just had started.The scene was dark, and a coloured spotlight in the middle.

A few songs played, and more and more people started to enter the hall. Flashes from the cameras, started to light up the hall and more people started to dance.

Then the social really started to kick off, everybody was jumping around dancing.Everybody was having a blast, but when the Dougie battle started the whole hall started dancing.

To be continued.....

Pt. England Olympic Day!

As I walked into school, I realized that Pt. England’s Olympic day was today. I must have forgotten on the way to school. Spotting all the sports equipment laid out on the field, sent a rush of adrenaline throughout my body.

The whole school, gathered together on to the school hard courts. I stood up to witness a sea of multi-coloured clothes, flood the courts. We were to start of our Olympics, with a mini opening ceremony. We started our Olympics marching around the courts, with all the countries involved.

I was representing Brazil, so you know I was chanting “BRAZIL, BRAZIL, BRAZIL” It was a successful march. We have officially started out Olympic day. All teams set off to their destinations

Our first sport was Ultimate frisbee, with Mr harris. At first it was very tricky to make and complete an maneuver. But we all started to get the hang of playing. Our Brazil team lot, but we still kept our heads high.

To be continued.....