Monday, September 26, 2011

My Brother Tomas

My brother Tomas is 16 years of age.He has a scruffy hair style,tan skin color.He is very tall,nearly as tall as my dad and has dark brown eyes,with rough skin.He studies at Tamaki College,with my other older brother Steven who is 13.Tomas was born in Auckland,but also raised in Wellington as well.

My brother loves to play basketball,he tries to leave to the Tamaki Recreation Centre when ever he has the chance.He likes to help around the house alot.I like it when he is generous because he gives me alot of things.When ever baby’s and toddler come to visit he would always love to hold them and make them laugh.

Sometimes I like his personality,because he likes running around.But I don’t like it when he bully’s me,when I’m annoying.He was always the one to make the house laugh with his funny jokes.When he was around 9 he would love to travel down to Wellington.

Together we like fighting and playing video games.But the thing I dont like when where fighting or playing video games,is when I lose.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Kia Ora,there has been a set task in our class.The task was to post a Mihi on our blogs.So heres mine.Enjoy

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maths Whizz

Kia ora,this is where i am in Maths Whizz.I have improved alot.

My Favorites Poem

I love my house,the garden,with blossom's as like it was spring with much more to offer.
The sun beams down on me,as I smiled with joy,I wish it was showering so I could have much more fun.
I love my Mother like we love Jesus for saving our lives.
As the red glows in the sun
I like how the KFC’s tenderness in the chicken tickles my taste buds
I like Lime and Fanta like it just came from Santa but the one I like the most is the fizzy Coke-cola
I love how the sound of pouring rain hits the gutter.
I love the smell of the bright red roses
I like sport because it test’s my skills.
I love my mother, like we love Jesus for saving our lives
I like lollies like Cruz loves Cookies

Ireland Flag

The meaning to the Ireland flag has the three tricolours of Ireland.The goverment has decided and stated that the green represents the gaelic (Irish traditions).The orange represents the followers of William the Orange and the white represents peace and/or truce between each other.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Place,Our Team

This is a Presentation that me and my friends made during class,for a project.The slide i created is the slide about the SkyTower.So please enjoy!!!