Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Favorites Poem

I love my house,the garden,with blossom's as like it was spring with much more to offer.
The sun beams down on me,as I smiled with joy,I wish it was showering so I could have much more fun.
I love my Mother like we love Jesus for saving our lives.
As the red glows in the sun
I like how the KFC’s tenderness in the chicken tickles my taste buds
I like Lime and Fanta like it just came from Santa but the one I like the most is the fizzy Coke-cola
I love how the sound of pouring rain hits the gutter.
I love the smell of the bright red roses
I like sport because it test’s my skills.
I love my mother, like we love Jesus for saving our lives
I like lollies like Cruz loves Cookies

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