Monday, June 25, 2012

Charles Frederick Goldie

So this term in Extension, we have been studying about Charles Frederick Goldie.We had to Reproduce one of his paintings.Here is my Artwork.

Blurb: Charles Frederick Goldie, a painter that has greatly influenced me.The artwork I reproduced is called Goldie & Lindauer: Approaching Portraiture.It was painted in 1915.The person featured in this painting is Tamati Waka Nene.A Ngati Parou chief, Who also signed the Treaty of Waitangi.I tryed my best to detail this picture to my potential.

Man in the painting: of the painting:Approaching Portraiture
ii.subject of the painting:Ngapuhi Chief
iii.setting of painting:Among Mountains
iv.materials used for painting:Oil on canvas

i.Full name:Tamati Waka Nene
ii.DOB:1785 Died 4th August 1871
iii.Birthplace:Bay of Islands
iv.Family - siblings:  Parents:Father-Tapua Brother-Patuone Home:  Spouse:Ihapera-had died in 1837

Goldie: Background Info:
Full Name:Charles Frederick Goldie.   
DOB.20 October 1870
Birthplace:Auckland, New Zealand

Moko:A tradition of maori, and to show their pride of their language and culture.  Matthew Ryan 23 May 2012

Its to show who they are, to symbol themself.Been going on for over 200 years.

1.What things do you see in this picture?
Tamati Waka Nene. Very good details, The moko has very thin lines. Background

2.What words would you use to describe this painting?
Talented owners.Nice variety of colours.Detailed.Skill.Culture.Pride

3.What does this painting remind you of?
My great sibling’s, doing the haka and standing with much pride.

4.What things do you recognize in this painting? What things seems new to you?
A:that he is a great chief and leader. B:His leader staff.His eyes have now fear.

5.What title would you give this painting?
a.The Ngapuhi Chief.
What made you decide on that title?
b.His grip to his leader staff and his eyes show no fear.

6.What other titles would you give it?
The great Tamati Waka Nene.

7.If this paintings could make sounds, what sounds would it make?
Cheers for our great leader.And Tamati speaking maori to his villagers.

8.Pretend you are inside this painting.What does this feel like?
Cheering that we have such a great chief.A tsunami of all cultured people cheering .

My favourite place

We were given a task, to find our special place in the school and to take a picture of it.My special place is the senior park, I chose it because, I used to play and hang out there a lot.

Vincent Van-Gogh was my artist model. I had to choose pen and ink due to the little amount of time left to finish this project.I am trying to reach the level of shading using ink, like Van Gogh. Also trying to draw short thin lines to define the shade, which is another technique he uses.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pablo Picasso and Henry Mattise Comparison

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, October 25 1881 and Henry Mattise was born in 31 December 1869, They were both very talented at art.Both artists had different types of paintings.Picasso was a Cubism and Mattises style of painting was Fauvism.In This story I will be comparing and contrasting these two painting’s.”The weeping women” by Picasso and “Women with a hat” by Mattise.

Two potray’s of women, one painting named Weeping women by Pablo Picasso and a women with a hat by Henry Mattise, though they are both about women,there moods and themes are very different from each other.Though there both women, Picasso’s women is weeping and Mattise’s women  is expressionless.Pablo’s women is weeping because of the Spanish war.Guernica, a painting by Picasso based on the War.Well Pablo’s painting was just an experiment.Testing some colour use and shading techniques.

In Picasso’s Weeping woman and Mattises Woman with a hat,there are various differences with the colours shared by each others. Through both paintings they’re colours are totally different for shading.To me Mattise has tottaly random colours, but to him thier most propberly not.And on the other side Picasso’s painting is around 75% shades of yellow.Though it does have a few shades of blue.Meaning Sadness.

The line and shape are also very different from each others paintings.First Picasso’s Weeping woman.The lines are dark black, and clearly delineated. The shape is mostly sharp jagged lines which is clearly defined by the use of different shadings..And there are distorted perspectives.And Mattise’s painting has rough textures, a few clear outlines.Lines are smudged and blurred.Though it does have a variety of different lines.