Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kiwis are cool

Most birds can soar through the air-kiwis cant.Some birds can build nests high up in the trees-kiwis dont.Other birds can rock up into the air-kiwis certainly cant.But I still think kiwis are the best,KIWIS ARE COOL!

Its not that kiwis are that big,Like most kiwis are about the size of a rugby ball.The Kiwis height is about 25-55 cm.But the funny thing is that the female kiwi,is bigger than the male.

They’re not exactly ugly,but they are quite boring.They have no colour,their hair isn’t dazzling or sparkling. The kiwi’s fur is dull,stiff and plain in all places. But most bizzare thing is its bill.Thats right its bill is so unique that if it was measured in cm it would be about 20 cms long.

A lot of people think that the flight of a kiwi is impossible more likely because they must of heard and spread rumors. Families think that kiwis dont have any wing at all,but under all their stiff plumage.

Kiwis are real good at digging burrows, because their legs are really strong like Chris Jack.They usually dig burrows as steep as three metres,so they can keep their babies nice and safe.Also to store their food to keep it clean

And there you have it. How could you possibly resist a big billed,brown dull,strong fighting,chubby kiwi like this.If kiwis are’nt cool than I dont know what is!