Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writing reflection

I’m going to be getting heaps of home runs, in every single match.Were going to take it out, easy.Watch me! The opposition are going to have to forfeit when they see me hit. The year 8 softball team, set off to Tamaki Intermediate, to smash the opposition at softball.

Every year there is a softball tournament, around term 1.We always enter competitions like these so we can represent our school, and let kids have fun.I always brag about how I’m going to get home runs and every thing, because I’m like that.

Our line up was pretty normal. Our pitcher, we had quite a lot of pitchers, we would just swap around so we can have go’s.Our main pitcher was Joe, then Joeseph had a try.He was slightly better.But then another play joined the pitch crew and that was Lepa and then one of my very good friends Cruz became a pitcher, but not until around our last match.

Catcher was Havea, he could catch a ball going so fast into his face.And Tokorima was our other catcher, when Havea subbed.1st base was Lepa, Joeseph and Cruz.Lepa was our main pitcher, but then Joeseph and Cruz had really good catching skills.So they became 1st base.  Kayde was our second base, he also had really really good catching skills, he must get it from when he always plays cricket. 3rd base was Joeseph and Tokorima.I was the short stop, my names Matthew, and the other Mathew was the other 1. Kaiden was our left out field and Joe would sometimes sub on for him.They were also the center out field.Cruz, the right out fielder, he could catch and had quite a strong arm.Our main subs were Aidan, De’vyne and me since I let Matthew go first at short stop.Plus we all were good batsman.

Our first match vs Parnell District school.We all dominated at batting at fielding, we even gave them a turn at batting since we were winning and being really generous.They got a chance to catch up and they did.Joe SMASHED the ball.The ball went so far, it wen passed to other diamonds.The final scored ended up being 5-6 to Pt England(us)

The second to last match, I forgot who we played but it was a hell of a match.They kept getting home.The score was 11-0, but our coach Roz Takarei, told us it was 5-0 so we could make a comeback.It started wen Kayde hit the ball far in to the sky, and was safe on three.and the domination began.Hit after hit we came back strongly.We thought we won when we had way over 5 home.The final score.11-9.We had hit 9 home in 1 inning, wonderful job.

I think that I need to be writing more complex vocabulary.Work on my sentence beginnings.Use a variate of sentence lengths.Included complex hooks for better beginnings.