Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC! Day 1

Camp TC!!

My mind flew up in excitement,while I was sleeping.Then all of a sudden BOOM!! I woke up in happiness,knowing that there’s camp today.

“Ohh quick I got to get ready”I yelled in my head.“Matthew fast we got to go I’m making breakfast at the school”Mum said.I quickly dressed my self and jumped in the car.

I arrived at school with my bags,ready for my first activity,witch was pitching a tent.I finished my tent with my pal Joshua.

Then our group“The Motivtorz”had an item practise.”Yo VIP”The song played.We danced with random moves.

And our last activity before lunch,was the famous kayaking.I new in my head I was talented at using the kayak.But also knowing that my friend Joshua was also a talented kayaker,I thought that we might team up in the brand new double seated kayak,and achieve the course even faster.

SPLASH!!The water was splashing in my friend’s face,I laugh at him,but still I get wet and I pay the consequence. So he lowers his paddle just enough to make a splash,into my face.He laughed.

And the day ended with a nice movie “Toy Story 3”.Then off to sleep we go.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Camp TC (Take Charge) Highlight

My highlight of camp for me was Rock up,because you would have fun and discipline and I learnt that when people work together “every one achieves more”.

My favourite activity at Rock up was Dunking the Dunkee,because it practised your throwing skills and hitting skills,and plus you can get wet,I like getting wet.

Most of all,we were lucky enough to learn that when people work together “every one achieves more’’.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to conquer pitching a tent.

By Joshua and Matthew EQUIPMENT PACKAGEHammerFlyPegsBasePolesGuy Ropes

If you haven’t quite conquered the task of putting up a tent for camping, you should read these instructions. The very important part of using pegs, is to always set the pegs on a 45 degree angle. This is really important part of building a tent.Because if the pegs are on a 90 degree angle,the peg will fly out,with the wind. Ensure that when you are not using the equipment, place them in to the tent bag.

1.Now the first job is to unpack,the package and ensure that the following is in the bag i.e. Fly the base the pegs and the poles.

2. Now ensure that the base of the tent is flattened straight out. It is important.

3. Remember to hammer in the pegs on about a 45 degree because bad weather can pull out the pegs.And do the same with the other corners..

4. Finally set the poles across the base and Repeat the same thing on step 3 which is to Hammer the pegs on! Put it on the second Eyelitt.

5 Now hook all the hooks on to the poles across the base. After you tie up a knot like a shoe at the top.

Now cover the Poles with the fly. Make sure the door is facing the camp site.

Once again hammer the pegs on a 45 degree angle in to the guy ropes. Proceed with the other corners and sides again.

put the last pole through the tent door.

Now you are done!

You have now learnt how to pitch a tent.Now get going,but if the tent has collapsed before 24 hours it is our fault.S

Monday, March 7, 2011

Room 20's favourite fast food

In Math this week we have been learning about Statistic. It meant that we had to decide on a
question that we wanted to solve. We made a form to collect our data, once everyone filled our form we tallied up the answers and used google docs spread sheet to make a graph to show the results to show the most popular fast food in room 20. The class favourite fast food is Mac Donald's.My favourite

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Pt England Way Acrostic Poem

The Pt England Way
How do we lead the way
Enjoy having fun will you can

Purua to potue
Talk about it

Enjoy school
Never give up
Go around the outside
Lead the way
Are you in the zone
Never say never
Do the right thing

Wear it with pride
Are you in the zone
You never know when some one’s watching

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My new NetBook

“Yes the time has come”I said in my mind.Our NetBooks have arrived,and ready to have an owner(Me).Mrs Burt walked to our class with our NetBooks.We quickly unpacked our NetBook

We had officially seen the our very own,sparkly new Netbooks.My eyes were amazed with the glazing Netbook.I loved them.

As I slowly pressed the on button,my body lit up with excitement”I cant wait”I said in my mind.So I raced to the button with my finger.It felt good!!!!! turning my Netbook for the first time I got a sort of rush that you would get from Coke or L&P.

I finished creating my profile,so it was time to have fun.Yay.