Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC! Day 1

Camp TC!!

My mind flew up in excitement,while I was sleeping.Then all of a sudden BOOM!! I woke up in happiness,knowing that there’s camp today.

“Ohh quick I got to get ready”I yelled in my head.“Matthew fast we got to go I’m making breakfast at the school”Mum said.I quickly dressed my self and jumped in the car.

I arrived at school with my bags,ready for my first activity,witch was pitching a tent.I finished my tent with my pal Joshua.

Then our group“The Motivtorz”had an item practise.”Yo VIP”The song played.We danced with random moves.

And our last activity before lunch,was the famous kayaking.I new in my head I was talented at using the kayak.But also knowing that my friend Joshua was also a talented kayaker,I thought that we might team up in the brand new double seated kayak,and achieve the course even faster.

SPLASH!!The water was splashing in my friend’s face,I laugh at him,but still I get wet and I pay the consequence. So he lowers his paddle just enough to make a splash,into my face.He laughed.

And the day ended with a nice movie “Toy Story 3”.Then off to sleep we go.

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