Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mount Tarawera eruption

Ki Ora My group(Joshua,Erene and Matthew)have created a movie using,Hyper Studio,iMovie HD and Garage Band.Our movie is all animation,because we had no time to use the video camera.But still we had a come back and finished the movie.

So just sit back relax and enjoy the movie.:)And also leave a comments PLEASE

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our under 50 kg rugby team

13games so far,2 tournaments 4 games.Right now we haven't loss a game so its 13-0 and our next game is against Fair Burn.I think were going to win.And our team is positive that were going to win.Ya!

Meet our team,Pt England's under 50 kg rugby are our players.Kane,lepa,MatthewT,Dominiq,Kayde,Kaiden,Aidan,Onosai,Gabriel
,Dante,Starford,Heremaia,Potaua,Shawn,Miracle,Misi,.That is our terrific team

Our coaches are Colin(my dad)and Roger(my uncle).They are really great coaches,even the team thinks so.But sometimes that get mixed up and teach us the wrong skill,but we correct them.

Our team has 1 training a week,that is fine for us.Coach Colin recommends that we should have 2 trainings a week so that we can pick up our game,and make our score something Nill.

I feel that our under 50 kg rugby team is going to be the Auckland champs this year.And I'm confident that our team will not give up,and will come to trainings every week unless there sick.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pt.England vs Kelston

We started off scared and nervous.First half winning 21-0.Scrum,it our ball Matthew T takes a tackle,penalty high tackle.Dominiq takes the punt,its a line out to Pt.England.I catch the ball pass it to Lepa,Lepa runs it up passes to Dominiq,tackled"Go forwards go"coach Colin supported.

Second half its 33-12,Kelson coach telling his team to keep there head high.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finished our 12 round of rock our world


1. By posting every week and making longer and interesting sentences

2. I can inprove by posting at least 2 postes a week.And better pictures in my advertisements.
brick wall
3.Speaking to people I haven't met like D'Wayne Edwards because when I get up I get shy,konw I found a solution it is to stand in front of a mirror and practice,and also when my neighbour gos out for a walk I would ask him if I could practice with him.

4.To learn and to share other things we have learnt.And also to talk to people around the world and evan sometimes famous charaters like Will Smith and D'Wayne bring people together.To help others.To meet new people.