Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cross Country

Fighting the path as the peebles was bulging through the soles of my shoe`s. I keep fighting  
against the path. Soon after my breath started to give in, my speed started to slow and my position in the race drooped.

the track was treacherous, the mud splattered up all the backs of the racers, making it harder to run. The racers keep their mind on the race, not being distracted by anything.

the muud squelched as I ran through mud puddles after puddles, the mud was squishy like a kiwi fruit being crushed in my hand.  My legs were fully covered in mud, YUCK! my mind didn't hesitate to get distracted by the mud or the` other racers.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Smoking - Matthew and Kaiden

Smoking is responsible for lots diseases like cancer, long-term (chronic) respiratory diseases, and heart disease and also premature death.  Over 4500 people in new zealand.  People die because of smoking each year and it is the leading cause of preventable deaths.  The World Health Organisation says that around 9% of deaths worldwide are caused by smoking. The chemicals in the tobacco can cause cancer like heart disease or lung cancer.

Tenages smoke because every one is doing it or just to be cool. This is a really bad thing to do when you're young because your body isn't fully developed. Once you start it’s really hard to. Smoking can really be affect your health or even your life when you get older.

The government only allows tobacco because he get % out of every packet of smokes thats purchased.  That's why cannabis is illegal because the government doesn't make any money from it.  He’s greedy for money.

Teenage smoking isn't wright. It can harm your health when you're older.  SO DON’T SMOKE!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Animators Apprentice

Thursday last week, the extension group gathered together to meet with animators from Animators Apprentice.At first we didnt really know what was going to happen at this 3 hour session, but I knew that it was going to be really fun.

My favourite part of the day was when, we tested our new 12 part animation slips is the ZoeTrope. I really like how all the work and drawing came together an made a masterpiece.

I also like how the animators help and guided us through the process of creating these animations. It really would've been hard without Maka, Ali and Nils help.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic- Valerie Adams.

Hanging her head with despair Valerie Adams showed her disappointment at her defeat. The realisation hit her that she could no longer defend her gold medal, she had won in Beijing. A mixture of feelings show on Valerie’s face she couldn’t help but hold her tears back. She was very disappointed, because of all the training and build up for the Olympics.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Precious McKenzie

Precious McKenzie, a New Zealand professional weightlifter was not originally born in NZ. He was born in South Africa in 1936.

Named Precious because he survived a proclaimed incurable chest condition. His mother celebrated by baptising him the precious one.The exact year another disaster occurred to the McKenzie family. Precious's father was killed by a crocodile in the Limpopo River. Soon after the mother started to drink, having to give up her children to foster care. Precious and his sister were soon a part of a witch-like family. Precious was malnourished, causing him not to grow to his potential height and only to reach the height of 1.45m.

In his early teenage years, Precious decided he wanted to be in the circus as a gymnastic, though was later turned down because he had the wrong skin colour. Then chose to be a weightlifter.