Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Treaty signing Hone heke

Hone heke came to an island were he saw a paper wich said treaty of waitangy on it,a pensil and a note witch said please sign.Since Hine heke didn't konw how to write he came up with an idea of drawing him self.Hone heke didn't konw how to draw so he spent a long time drawing.Honw heke was one of the first to sigh the treaty because he was very keen

Matthew's Iguanadon

Matthew learnt all about the Iguanodon, a very fierce dinosaur, and has put all his information into this Hyperstudio animation.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My highlights for this term

Emotionally the term is over in just a short amount of time.1. The best three highlights for this term has to start with the hilarious CAMP KINDNESS!I haven't experienced being a leader at camp.But know there's no need to worry any more,I think I can lead a year 7 team.

Secondly,this is about experiencing extension.I haven't been in this group before,but its still awesome being in this group.I wonder if i'm going to be in this group next term.Sadly I going to have the 4 tests again,so that the staff can see who should be in extension and who should not.

I saved the best for last!My best highlight for this term has to be talking to the man Witch is a mentor and a man who belives in him self and every body else.This man D'wane Edwards is a lead disigner for Nike.It was a very big experince talking to D'Wayne Edwards

Monday, March 29, 2010

Captain Cook

Captain Cook the man who was the first to travel the country New Zealand.he saw and felt a lot of new things.He learnt how to speak a new language,Moari.

historical event 1

This is my movie of maori people doing there share.I animated a maori man
planting and pulling out the kumara.So sit back relax and enjoy!!!!

Signing the treaty

In early hours of the day,Hone heke went strolling down the alley,when he saw a lady at a table.Hone heke got ask to sign the treaty,but he didnt have to,but he was so keen so hene heke sign the treaty

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pukekos with Matthew R

Pukekoes are native to new Zealand. Many people have been saying,it was brought to new Zealand,by one of the ancestors conoe. The Pukeko is related to the animal “Takahe”. Baby chicks are born with large feet,so they can swim strongly,in fast flowing water. Now, people have been saying that they flew over to New Zealand,because it can fly very far. The can fly up to 200 k. They mostly like to live in the south island,near an edge, of a lake or a pond.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Matthew's Portfolio from Room 14

In 2009 Matthew was in Room 14 as a Year 5 student.

He posted lots of work on the Room 14 class blog.

If you click here you will be able to see all of his work from 2009.