Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My highlights for this term

Emotionally the term is over in just a short amount of time.1. The best three highlights for this term has to start with the hilarious CAMP KINDNESS!I haven't experienced being a leader at camp.But know there's no need to worry any more,I think I can lead a year 7 team.

Secondly,this is about experiencing extension.I haven't been in this group before,but its still awesome being in this group.I wonder if i'm going to be in this group next term.Sadly I going to have the 4 tests again,so that the staff can see who should be in extension and who should not.

I saved the best for last!My best highlight for this term has to be talking to the man Witch is a mentor and a man who belives in him self and every body else.This man D'wane Edwards is a lead disigner for Nike.It was a very big experince talking to D'Wayne Edwards

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