Monday, December 12, 2011

My Plan for Year 8

My plan for year 8 is to be a prefect, by being more responsible, taking charge, chosing better actions.Showing respect for others.Applying to teachers rules, helping out the teachers more.Be a better role-model for the little kids.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Im Wondering

Im wondering if there are any alien life forms on our planet. Enjoy :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gravitational pull

Every time you jump, you experience gravity. It pulls you back down to the ground. Without gravity, you'd float off into the atmosphere -- along with all of the other matter on Earth.

Gravity is a force, and its job/work is to pull an object to the ground.

My holiday

“Sponge-Bob Sqaurepants, Sponge-Bob Squarepants” The theme song went, as I sat relaxed in the lounge.Then my mum approaches me with an idea.I new it was going to be a good idea, by the look in her eye.It was an intense look, like she wanted to turn super saiyen

So she explained.We were going to Rainbow’s End for an adventure quest, with the family.Then I said to my self “A Quest?” that sounds strange.Mum called our cousins, and arranged the event.

We all gathered in our vehicles and set off to Rainbow’s End.The family entered the gate, and prepared to get ready.My mum explained the rules and how it works.It was sort of like the Amazing Race.Ive been on all the rides more than 3 times before so I reckoned, I had a slight chance, of getting ahead of others.

We head off to the starting pitch A.K.A the entrance.READY,SET, alot of tension was building up inside us, for who’s going to get to their ride first.GO.I set off like Flash the Marvel hero.Almost tripping up, I arrived at my first ride the Pirate ship,lucky it wasn't far from the start. Nearly smashing into the rope.I quickly boarded the ship ready for action.Then it started, it had a slow start but I knew it had to take time for it to kick in, then, Woosh,Woosh we flung in the air, as it pushes against my face.A bug flew in my mouth, it was disgusting.Finally it ended, I aborted the ship, as the butterflies in my stomach were still flying around.I was handed the ticket for the next ride, I opened it anxiously waiting to see what was next.

“Noooo” my cousin cried.Our next ride was The FearFall, He had always been scared of this specific ride, but I thought it was cool because I like it when butterflies, just race in my stomach.We set off to our next destination, spotting our my cousin’s (another team) still finishing their first ride.I said to my self “yess we must be in first place” We quickly hopped on to the Fearfall. Slowly raising to the top of the 18 story high structure, when my cousin was about to wee his pants and I was almost about to laugh.
Then all of a sudden, “Whoom” all the weight in my stomach, just felt like it flew to my eyeballs.The seats just fell to the ground, in a flash.My cousin (partner for quest) was screaming his lungs out.The auto-mated braking system slowed us down.

A few rides went by, and I was handed the final ticket,It was the finish I had to run to the last pit stop.I see some of my cousins running. “oh no” I said to my self. “c’mon cuz lets go”
Noooooooooo, it was a tie, between my team and my uncles team.

But at the end of the day, we all had fun.We had a huge lunch, and went off to enjoy the rides.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My MI (Multiple Intelligence) Test

Kia Orana, Here is my Multiple Intelligence results, we did in class.As you can see I'm mostly people smart, and body smart.I do like to keep clean, and keep fit.I'm a bit self smart, music smart and picture smart.You can have a look at my picture a see it your self.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A day full of fun

On Tuesday the teachers decided that the year 7 and 8’s were going to have day full of fun, laughter and joy.So our education instructors set up 4 exciting games and competitions.

Mrs Nua told us to fill up 4 buckets of water.I was desperate to know what was going on.Finally Mrs Nua explained to us what was going on.We had to try fill the sponge with as much water as we can, and put the sponge under our legs and around our waist’s.For our team the game didn’t really go as planned.

But I did like getting wet,thats were I had fun.Also liked laughing at Kalim because his hair was all soaked.It was alot of fun hopefully we get to do this again sometime.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Brother Tomas

My brother Tomas is 16 years of age.He has a scruffy hair style,tan skin color.He is very tall,nearly as tall as my dad and has dark brown eyes,with rough skin.He studies at Tamaki College,with my other older brother Steven who is 13.Tomas was born in Auckland,but also raised in Wellington as well.

My brother loves to play basketball,he tries to leave to the Tamaki Recreation Centre when ever he has the chance.He likes to help around the house alot.I like it when he is generous because he gives me alot of things.When ever baby’s and toddler come to visit he would always love to hold them and make them laugh.

Sometimes I like his personality,because he likes running around.But I don’t like it when he bully’s me,when I’m annoying.He was always the one to make the house laugh with his funny jokes.When he was around 9 he would love to travel down to Wellington.

Together we like fighting and playing video games.But the thing I dont like when where fighting or playing video games,is when I lose.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Kia Ora,there has been a set task in our class.The task was to post a Mihi on our blogs.So heres mine.Enjoy

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maths Whizz

Kia ora,this is where i am in Maths Whizz.I have improved alot.

My Favorites Poem

I love my house,the garden,with blossom's as like it was spring with much more to offer.
The sun beams down on me,as I smiled with joy,I wish it was showering so I could have much more fun.
I love my Mother like we love Jesus for saving our lives.
As the red glows in the sun
I like how the KFC’s tenderness in the chicken tickles my taste buds
I like Lime and Fanta like it just came from Santa but the one I like the most is the fizzy Coke-cola
I love how the sound of pouring rain hits the gutter.
I love the smell of the bright red roses
I like sport because it test’s my skills.
I love my mother, like we love Jesus for saving our lives
I like lollies like Cruz loves Cookies

Ireland Flag

The meaning to the Ireland flag has the three tricolours of Ireland.The goverment has decided and stated that the green represents the gaelic (Irish traditions).The orange represents the followers of William the Orange and the white represents peace and/or truce between each other.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Place,Our Team

This is a Presentation that me and my friends made during class,for a project.The slide i created is the slide about the SkyTower.So please enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Level 3
.Assign probabilities to simple events using

Monday, July 11, 2011

The History Of War Planes

To learn about 3 different planes visit the site and enjoy :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The PlayStation

PS2 as most people know didn’t start out from PS2 they go back to the year 2000 when PS1 where in style the PS1 was invented by a computer company named Sony this company has also created many more things. Now a days we have a PSP and PS3.

These are making things even better with better games,graphics and better everything you can go online to play people world wide and able to go on to the Internet. The first incarnation was made in 1991,basically a concept. But in 1993 the play-station as it was known was worked on. It was launched in Japan on December 3, 1994. It launched in North America September 9, 1995 and in Europe on September 29, 1995.

Also the play-station was invented for entertainment and that’s how they got the name play-station.This is a picture of the first play-station that Ken kutaragi a man who worked with Sony has invented . PlayStation. The first game that was invented was Alexi lalas International Soccer.Which was created by Alexi Lalas who worked with a company named Sony.

I reckon it has changed allot of life’s by the excitement I've gained since 2002 in New Zealand.THE END :)


This is my Tessellation I made during class

Netball With Emma

“Yay” I said to myself. We were learning to play netball. I like this game because it is similar to Basketball but besides the bouncing and stealing the ball. I have many more interests in this game but that is the most important one. The skills I learnt in this game were to play, shoot, defend and pass. Some passes that I learnt were Overhead passes, Chest passes and Bounce passes and I learnt some drills including the Grape vine, Bum kicks and High knees.

I enjoyed this game very much besides not being able to play basketball. It gave me quite the kick. I imagined it would be boring but it turned out to be fun. I had heaps and heaps of laughs out of it and I really would like to play this game again. If Emma came back I would be more interested in playing. I will pay full attention towards the teacher and I won’t talk to my friends.

Finally it was the final game session. This was our time to shine we all had to show Emma what we had learnt. As we heard the piercing tone of the whistle “Over Here” “I’m open” “Over here” “Yaaaaaaaaaaaay” we shouted as Marven shot the goal and got it. It was quite a challenge but as long as we work as a team we will be great. THE END

My creative Name

Hi this is my name that I made at Graffiti Creator :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Goal!!

This is my goal for this term,hope you enjoy :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Jerking and Shuffling

This was a quick Movie I made with the help of my Friend Cruz.Hope you enjoy. =]

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The History of the Mighty but Famous Pen

Lewis Waterman invented the ballpoint pen and Lazlo Biro invented another type of pen.
Well the ink actually stays inside the pen and you don’t have to dip in the ink pot.

There is now different kinds of pens all over the world. Also now you can use different kinds of colours as in ink colours. As you can see pens can run out of ink in a period of 7 to 10 years and it can be replaceible, but that would `just be a big waste of time, so you can just go buy another pen worth one dollar and it will last as I say 7 to 10 years! That is one of the WOW factors of pens.
The other WOW factor is that today some people still use quills and ink pots. As years passed the pen improved for instance, the style has changed the ink has changed, the appearance has changed and also the size.
The first people to use a type of pen, were Ancient Indians. They used feathers and bamboo sticks and so on.
The pen has improved quite a lot since then. Also the first pen was invented in Seville, Spain.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knight vs Warriors

Determined tackling - at one point midway through the second half the Warriors defended their line for 22 consecutive plays - and some smart team management by coach Ivan Cleary were the hallmarks of the Ausgrid Stadium win, the side coming from 16-12 down with seven minutes remaining to snatch the game.The Warriors had a sluggish start to the season, but have struck back with six wins from their past seven matches.In recent weeks the notoriously inconsistent Kiwi side have toppled Melbourne at their AAMI Park graveyard, the Gold Coast on the sunshine strip and now the Knights in Newcastle.Cleary had the Warriors set up camp in Australia since arriving early for last week's win over the Titans, and the more settled approach, courtesy of reduced travel, appeared to pay off on a glorious Sunday afternoon in Newcastle."It was a pretty tough schedule so we decided to stay and just take a couple of flights out," Cleary said."Having said that it was still a pretty big week for us - four guys backing up for two games last weekend as well (the New Zealand Test and Titans match). To get out of that with a win is very satisfying."Cleary was ecstatic with the way his side fought back from their poor start thanks to the energy they created without the ball."The best part, apart from the win, was that we didn't concede a point in the second half," he said, after his side had trailed 16-12 at the break."Whilst we didn't play great we did enough to hang in there and win."An exciting final seven minutes saw the Warriors cross twice through five-eighth James Maloney and fullback Lance Hohaia (his second for the day), before star of the show Maloney calmly potted a field goal.After leading for the majority of the match, 18,158 fans trudged out of the stadium in despair.The game was there for the Knights to win and they'll lament their inability to breach the visitors' line despite numerous chances in the final 40 minutes."With 15 minutes to go the game was in the balance," a dejected Knights coach Rick Stone said."I think a few concentration lapses, that mental toughness, we let ourselves done in that respect."There wasn't much difference in who had the most football on the day, it was pretty even, we let ourselves down in that last little bit."Stone would not be drawn on the future of injured hooker Isaac De Gois, who had agreed to a new deal earlier in the year that has since been put on the back burner.De Gois has now been linked with a return to former club, Cronulla next season.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Editing My Hooks

An annoying screeching sound from the T.V. echoed to my ears and awoke me, I had to finish it,but half my body was still hibernating.”ahhhh” the noise hurts, its waking me,I still need some sleep.My eyes widened when I took a peek at the time,5:30 a.m.I ended the sound,finally time to get some sleep.”Matthew time to get up,we have to go for a jog”mum said”but mum”I replied.mum said”no buts”

“Matthew, kill the sound NOW!!” Mum yelled. It had woken my mum as well but I was still lethargic. I had to end the annoying screeching sound. I slowly left my bed and reached for the television and switched it off.Finally now for some rest.”Matthew get up jogging time”Mum said. “Man”I said in my mind

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Translation 2 down 2 across

Lately room 20 has been learning about Geometry, and today we learnt about Geometry-Translation, witch means to move an object without rotating it or resizing it or re-drawing the object.We used google drawing to create this.At first I didnt know what Geometry-Translation was until I got taught by Mrs Nua

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell a scottish-born person,was taking credit for the invention of the telephone by Antonio Mucci.”Boston Massachusetts “(were Alexader said,it was born).The first most famous words said over the telephone were “Mr. Watson,come here I want to see you” on March 10 1876 by Alexander G Bell to Thomas A. Watson,in the next room.

North Shore TORNADO!!!!

On May the 3rd around 3:00 pm Auckland's North Shore had been hit by a extraordinary devastation,witch caused a man to get caught in the terrifying TORNADO! He was then thrown straight into a building,at 200 mp/h and split his head.The mean beast uplifted cars,people were hurt,the local mall roof destroyed,severe damages, to an aftermath for your non-ordinary day.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Having a great holiday

Hi every body I'm having an awsome holiday,hope you are too.It started off with a big load of rain,but then it was all good.So I cant wait for school,hmmm I wonder what our topic's going to be.Well bye for now have a great holiday. Matthew :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An out of the blue sentence

My Journey To School.

“Smash”I accidentally slammed the door and walked off. “Matthew” my mum yelled, she scared me then I tripped down the porch.I had miniature injuries, but I was alright.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you letter to Tokorima

Dear Tokorima,
Thank you for helping our year 7 and 8 campers,and also for making our wonderful and delicious hangi,it was beautiful. And I like to thank you for providing us with protection,hydration and hunger,with out your wonderful heart there would be no other camp like it.

On behalf of the camp TC campers,we would like to thank you for all you've done this term,we hope to see you again soon. Thank you and God bless.Matthew :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC! Day 1

Camp TC!!

My mind flew up in excitement,while I was sleeping.Then all of a sudden BOOM!! I woke up in happiness,knowing that there’s camp today.

“Ohh quick I got to get ready”I yelled in my head.“Matthew fast we got to go I’m making breakfast at the school”Mum said.I quickly dressed my self and jumped in the car.

I arrived at school with my bags,ready for my first activity,witch was pitching a tent.I finished my tent with my pal Joshua.

Then our group“The Motivtorz”had an item practise.”Yo VIP”The song played.We danced with random moves.

And our last activity before lunch,was the famous kayaking.I new in my head I was talented at using the kayak.But also knowing that my friend Joshua was also a talented kayaker,I thought that we might team up in the brand new double seated kayak,and achieve the course even faster.

SPLASH!!The water was splashing in my friend’s face,I laugh at him,but still I get wet and I pay the consequence. So he lowers his paddle just enough to make a splash,into my face.He laughed.

And the day ended with a nice movie “Toy Story 3”.Then off to sleep we go.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Camp TC (Take Charge) Highlight

My highlight of camp for me was Rock up,because you would have fun and discipline and I learnt that when people work together “every one achieves more”.

My favourite activity at Rock up was Dunking the Dunkee,because it practised your throwing skills and hitting skills,and plus you can get wet,I like getting wet.

Most of all,we were lucky enough to learn that when people work together “every one achieves more’’.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to conquer pitching a tent.

By Joshua and Matthew EQUIPMENT PACKAGEHammerFlyPegsBasePolesGuy Ropes

If you haven’t quite conquered the task of putting up a tent for camping, you should read these instructions. The very important part of using pegs, is to always set the pegs on a 45 degree angle. This is really important part of building a tent.Because if the pegs are on a 90 degree angle,the peg will fly out,with the wind. Ensure that when you are not using the equipment, place them in to the tent bag.

1.Now the first job is to unpack,the package and ensure that the following is in the bag i.e. Fly the base the pegs and the poles.

2. Now ensure that the base of the tent is flattened straight out. It is important.

3. Remember to hammer in the pegs on about a 45 degree because bad weather can pull out the pegs.And do the same with the other corners..

4. Finally set the poles across the base and Repeat the same thing on step 3 which is to Hammer the pegs on! Put it on the second Eyelitt.

5 Now hook all the hooks on to the poles across the base. After you tie up a knot like a shoe at the top.

Now cover the Poles with the fly. Make sure the door is facing the camp site.

Once again hammer the pegs on a 45 degree angle in to the guy ropes. Proceed with the other corners and sides again.

put the last pole through the tent door.

Now you are done!

You have now learnt how to pitch a tent.Now get going,but if the tent has collapsed before 24 hours it is our fault.S

Monday, March 7, 2011

Room 20's favourite fast food

In Math this week we have been learning about Statistic. It meant that we had to decide on a
question that we wanted to solve. We made a form to collect our data, once everyone filled our form we tallied up the answers and used google docs spread sheet to make a graph to show the results to show the most popular fast food in room 20. The class favourite fast food is Mac Donald's.My favourite

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Pt England Way Acrostic Poem

The Pt England Way
How do we lead the way
Enjoy having fun will you can

Purua to potue
Talk about it

Enjoy school
Never give up
Go around the outside
Lead the way
Are you in the zone
Never say never
Do the right thing

Wear it with pride
Are you in the zone
You never know when some one’s watching

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My new NetBook

“Yes the time has come”I said in my mind.Our NetBooks have arrived,and ready to have an owner(Me).Mrs Burt walked to our class with our NetBooks.We quickly unpacked our NetBook

We had officially seen the our very own,sparkly new Netbooks.My eyes were amazed with the glazing Netbook.I loved them.

As I slowly pressed the on button,my body lit up with excitement”I cant wait”I said in my mind.So I raced to the button with my finger.It felt good!!!!! turning my Netbook for the first time I got a sort of rush that you would get from Coke or L&P.

I finished creating my profile,so it was time to have fun.Yay.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tech at Tamaki

Yes the time has come,to get excited about our first day at tech,which was held at Tamaki College.Our first day was supposed to be fun and it definitely was.I was in Science with Mr Duan and Daisy(Miss V)

First we found a seat and then started learning.First Mr Duan told us to write down Science and Scientist,and what do you know about it.Most of us new about it,it was just they cant explain it.So we tried,and we got the hang of it.

Then Mr Duan was teaching us about living stuff.After a while our class got the hang of it as well.When I was looking out the door I saw my brother Steven walking past,So I got distracted for a few seconds.

So then Mr Duan asked the class is a car a living thing.We all thought it wasn't,but we were right.But Mr Duan said we were wrong. Actually if the object can move Mr Duan said it was a living thing.

So then the annoying bell sounded,and it hurts my ears.So it was time to go back to school.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Christchurch Quake

Buildings have been demolished due to the earthquake.People running around in fear and tears,with loved ones still to find.Saved by emergency helpers,people are still trapped under rubble.65 people are confirmed dead,but the death toll is determined to rise.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My wonderful holiday

Ring Ring,I anwser the phone ”Hello Matthew speaking” “Matt is this you” Matthew T speaks. “yup” I answer. “Are you coming on monday”He askes “ were to,training” I respond “No Rainbows end” I reply “ummm ok” Matthew says “OK all you need is a water bottle” “OK I got to go see yah” “later”he says.Beep beep beep,I hung up the phone

So I slept until the next day.My mum woke me up,”honey get up Matthew might be coming soon”mum said.

“Beep beep”Rina’s car horn sound’s(Matthew’s mum).I raced out the door at the speed of light.And I see Kayde,Matthew and Lepa in the back of Rina’s car.”Write will go get some kai for the birth day”Rina says

So we stopped at the local Glenn Innes PAK n SAVE to get some goodys.We bought snakes,chips,chocolate,juice and much more.As the group entered the vehicle,Rina said that we can have some snakes.We all yelled “YAHHH”.Then Matthew ripped open the packet like The Incredible Hulk,but Rina said only three.Matthew kept feeding us the snakes,and then by the time Rina wanted some they were all gone,then we blamed it on Matthew.

Then we had arrived at Rainbows End,and there was a man standing at the entrance,telling us to pull in to the customer parking,so we did.The boys made an exit from the the car ready to go but we just had to wait for the others to arrive.They had arrived,so thats when we entered Rainbows End.

First we went on the Invader,Matthew’s cousin Colis was a little bit scared for the moment.But then ones he got in to it thats pretty much all he wanted to go on.When it started you could here the fan blowing from the engine.”WOOOOO”we yelled.We fling across the w shaped track.The ride had ended and we all felt like going on again,so we did.And again we went on and again.again,again and agian.

Next we went on the famous Roller Coaster.It start’s off with a corner,then an slow uphill wait(but its worth the wait).”Weeeee”I yelled.The coaster rolled down a slight corner.Then thats when a real big drop was coming.”Yehhhh”I screamed,it felt like my guts were going to fall out..But then just after the drop was this huge and amazing loop.The loop was buzzy that it was quite dazed for a few seconds.Up next was a few corkscrew twirls.”Woosh”the coaster flew past.Then a corner ended the ride.

The Power Surge was next.I was waiting in line,a little bit terrified and plus this was going to be my first time on the power surge.But I was going on with my friend so I didn’t get to scared.I found a seat with Lepa,with Matthew and Kayde opposite from us.We slowly lifted from the ground.I was getting quite scared because Matthew was making up stuff,like how we might fall.”Woosh” the power surge went flinging around the place.The power surge went on for about 5 minutes then the ride ended.