Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My wonderful holiday

Ring Ring,I anwser the phone ”Hello Matthew speaking” “Matt is this you” Matthew T speaks. “yup” I answer. “Are you coming on monday”He askes “ were to,training” I respond “No Rainbows end” I reply “ummm ok” Matthew says “OK all you need is a water bottle” “OK I got to go see yah” “later”he says.Beep beep beep,I hung up the phone

So I slept until the next day.My mum woke me up,”honey get up Matthew might be coming soon”mum said.

“Beep beep”Rina’s car horn sound’s(Matthew’s mum).I raced out the door at the speed of light.And I see Kayde,Matthew and Lepa in the back of Rina’s car.”Write will go get some kai for the birth day”Rina says

So we stopped at the local Glenn Innes PAK n SAVE to get some goodys.We bought snakes,chips,chocolate,juice and much more.As the group entered the vehicle,Rina said that we can have some snakes.We all yelled “YAHHH”.Then Matthew ripped open the packet like The Incredible Hulk,but Rina said only three.Matthew kept feeding us the snakes,and then by the time Rina wanted some they were all gone,then we blamed it on Matthew.

Then we had arrived at Rainbows End,and there was a man standing at the entrance,telling us to pull in to the customer parking,so we did.The boys made an exit from the the car ready to go but we just had to wait for the others to arrive.They had arrived,so thats when we entered Rainbows End.

First we went on the Invader,Matthew’s cousin Colis was a little bit scared for the moment.But then ones he got in to it thats pretty much all he wanted to go on.When it started you could here the fan blowing from the engine.”WOOOOO”we yelled.We fling across the w shaped track.The ride had ended and we all felt like going on again,so we did.And again we went on and again.again,again and agian.

Next we went on the famous Roller Coaster.It start’s off with a corner,then an slow uphill wait(but its worth the wait).”Weeeee”I yelled.The coaster rolled down a slight corner.Then thats when a real big drop was coming.”Yehhhh”I screamed,it felt like my guts were going to fall out..But then just after the drop was this huge and amazing loop.The loop was buzzy that it was quite dazed for a few seconds.Up next was a few corkscrew twirls.”Woosh”the coaster flew past.Then a corner ended the ride.

The Power Surge was next.I was waiting in line,a little bit terrified and plus this was going to be my first time on the power surge.But I was going on with my friend so I didn’t get to scared.I found a seat with Lepa,with Matthew and Kayde opposite from us.We slowly lifted from the ground.I was getting quite scared because Matthew was making up stuff,like how we might fall.”Woosh” the power surge went flinging around the place.The power surge went on for about 5 minutes then the ride ended.

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