Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to conquer pitching a tent.

By Joshua and Matthew EQUIPMENT PACKAGEHammerFlyPegsBasePolesGuy Ropes

If you haven’t quite conquered the task of putting up a tent for camping, you should read these instructions. The very important part of using pegs, is to always set the pegs on a 45 degree angle. This is really important part of building a tent.Because if the pegs are on a 90 degree angle,the peg will fly out,with the wind. Ensure that when you are not using the equipment, place them in to the tent bag.

1.Now the first job is to unpack,the package and ensure that the following is in the bag i.e. Fly the base the pegs and the poles.

2. Now ensure that the base of the tent is flattened straight out. It is important.

3. Remember to hammer in the pegs on about a 45 degree because bad weather can pull out the pegs.And do the same with the other corners..

4. Finally set the poles across the base and Repeat the same thing on step 3 which is to Hammer the pegs on! Put it on the second Eyelitt.

5 Now hook all the hooks on to the poles across the base. After you tie up a knot like a shoe at the top.

Now cover the Poles with the fly. Make sure the door is facing the camp site.

Once again hammer the pegs on a 45 degree angle in to the guy ropes. Proceed with the other corners and sides again.

put the last pole through the tent door.

Now you are done!

You have now learnt how to pitch a tent.Now get going,but if the tent has collapsed before 24 hours it is our fault.S

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