Thursday, November 3, 2011

My MI (Multiple Intelligence) Test

Kia Orana, Here is my Multiple Intelligence results, we did in class.As you can see I'm mostly people smart, and body smart.I do like to keep clean, and keep fit.I'm a bit self smart, music smart and picture smart.You can have a look at my picture a see it your self.


  1. Heey Matt,
    By the look of this it seems that you are very People smart and By The Way my favourite song is got to be Dont Let Go by Spawn Breezie. Its got to be my favourite song ever. it also says your body smart what does that mean ?

    Keep Up the good work mate Cruz

  2. It's great to be Body Smart and yes that does include keeping yourself fit and healthy. You could work on your areas of weakness by setting some goals on those areas.
    Keep focussed and working hard Matt.
    Mrs Nua


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