Friday, June 1, 2012

Pablo Picasso and Henry Mattise Comparison

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, October 25 1881 and Henry Mattise was born in 31 December 1869, They were both very talented at art.Both artists had different types of paintings.Picasso was a Cubism and Mattises style of painting was Fauvism.In This story I will be comparing and contrasting these two painting’s.”The weeping women” by Picasso and “Women with a hat” by Mattise.

Two potray’s of women, one painting named Weeping women by Pablo Picasso and a women with a hat by Henry Mattise, though they are both about women,there moods and themes are very different from each other.Though there both women, Picasso’s women is weeping and Mattise’s women  is expressionless.Pablo’s women is weeping because of the Spanish war.Guernica, a painting by Picasso based on the War.Well Pablo’s painting was just an experiment.Testing some colour use and shading techniques.

In Picasso’s Weeping woman and Mattises Woman with a hat,there are various differences with the colours shared by each others. Through both paintings they’re colours are totally different for shading.To me Mattise has tottaly random colours, but to him thier most propberly not.And on the other side Picasso’s painting is around 75% shades of yellow.Though it does have a few shades of blue.Meaning Sadness.

The line and shape are also very different from each others paintings.First Picasso’s Weeping woman.The lines are dark black, and clearly delineated. The shape is mostly sharp jagged lines which is clearly defined by the use of different shadings..And there are distorted perspectives.And Mattise’s painting has rough textures, a few clear outlines.Lines are smudged and blurred.Though it does have a variety of different lines.

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