Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Totara Springs

We had arrived at school ready to leave, but not all students were here. We waited for what seemed like ages, but really it was probably only about 5 minutes. I was so impatient to get off to camp.

Finally the bus arrived just like the rest of the students, ”yes” I said to myself. However, we still haven’t loaded the bus! The adults loaded it up, and we were set to go off to Green Lane to pick up the rest of the campers.

Half an hour had past, and we’ve made it to Green Lane. A new bunch of campers, from boys to girls had entered the bus. Kayde, Matthew T and I were asking some of the campers”Wheres Bailey?, Wheres Bailey” unfortunately know one knew where he was, or even excited. Off we go to Totara Springs.

Peni(senior boy’s leader)said to us we have to go meet our area head, and cabin. But first we had to unload the bus. Finally we have we finished. Then Leon(2nd senior boy’s leader)told us to sit on the bench or the pavement. So we waited,for the rest of Pt England to collect there bags.

We had arrived at our cabin, and its was not as pretty as last year.But us boys can hack it.So we found our beds.”Lecture theater, boys” Peni ordered. So we had walked to the theater, and plus ,its only a few steps away from our cabins.

We sat in our team lines,we where boys 5 and our area head is Aaron.Then we played bull rush with all the boys.

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  1. Hey Matty...

    NICE, recount about the unforgettable Totara springs, kids camp 2010!!! Yes, I do remember asking the unknown campers, where's Bailey. But I recall seeing a familiar face in the name of Adam. Anyway, the Ball rush game was a great thing for me because I was the last Pt Englander and I won. I also remember on the first day when we played and won the game of the gorilla's!!!!! Well, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

    From your mate,


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