Thursday, April 1, 2010

My best buds

Finally Iv'e waited one whole week for this day,becauce its MUFTY DAY!!!!We are going to have a spactacular disco awsome lunch and also a fantastic day.Every body in Tamaki wished they could come for the day.

In the picture you can see Mr Jackson(Erene), beside him Mr lifes good(Aidan) under him is me (Matthew) then theres the chies biggest fan (Kayde) then theres (Shawn) who is on top of (kayde).Next to (Shawn) is the big solid man (Joe).On the right next to (Joe) is my best friend (Matthew T).Oh I totally forgot about the king side steper (Jeyan)

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  1. Hey Matthew

    That was a good story about mufti Matthew. I like the way you sometimes described what these boys in the photos like. That was some pretty good describing words to describe Jeyan

    Keep up the good work Matthew
    Matthew T


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