Monday, March 19, 2012

Show not Tell-Hydrolslide

Peeking out the window, I checked out how high I was from the ground. My turn was up. Sitting patiently, I was wondering when is it going to turn green. A flash of green and down I went. Pitch black, feeling bumps on my back, I tried to sit up and ignore the pain.That’s when I noticed I went faster.Sun light appeared as I was near the end.”SPLASH!” The water flew in the air as I hit the end.


  1. Wow, That was a awesome post you wrote about the Show not Tell Hydro-slide post
    Keep up the good work from your mate Joe.

  2. Kiora Mathew,Wow,that was a awesome show not Tell-Hydra slide story it was really interesting,and what I liked about your story is that it was really detailed:)


  3. Kia Ora.....

    That was a great way off showing and not telling about your experience on the hydro-slide at the pools! You used effective words like pitch black, wondering and splash. Well Keep up the good work!

    From Kayde

  4. hi matthew
    that was a cool writing.


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