Monday, February 27, 2012


Kia ora, My name is Matthew, as you can see, the are a bunch of drawings and a picture.You might be wondering why I have these pictures on.Well the very first picture in the middle is me, and what I look like.I go to Pt. England school.

The second picture(top right corner) says ''Kene puru hospital, Porirua''This is my birth hospital, It is located at the bottom of the north island of New Zealand.

Third Drawing(Top Lef)My birth date.As you can see, it says 22 October.Around 1:30 am was the time I was born.I was born at 42 weeks.

Forth drawing(bottom left)It is a face of a maori taniwha, I am really proud to be maori, it is my tradition.

fifth picture(bottom right)This is my dog, he passed away about 4 years ago, he had the same birth date as me.

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