Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think before you post (inform)

Too often these days kids about the ages between 12-18 are posting stupid things online about other people or themselves. Do you ever think about the ramifications? What might happen to you ?. So I urge you to think about what your going to post and where exactly you are posting it.

If you posted something disrespectful about someone imagine how hurt they will feel. You need to remember to put yourself in their shoes , think how they would feel if you told all of your friend's on Facebook. So just remember to always think how other would feel if they saw that.

I encourage you to only do the appropriate things online, because later on in life it could come back to bite you. But If you were to apply for a job, future apployers would like to see good history on your name, and not the other. Remember think before you post.

So be really cautious and always think about the consequences, and what might happen.

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