Friday, February 10, 2012

The reason why you have to be Cyber smart.

Disgusted, Frustrated, Embarrassed, Heart Pounding, Confused,

With no care, Chewbacca flippantly posted the image online. Not aware of the dangers about posting your image. Chewbacca thought she had everything under control cause she had her account on private and it was only available to her friends.Yet anybody can take it, and use it.

Walking through the corridors, unaware that everyone had seen the picture.Chewbacca was stared and glanced at, she instantly took the next opportunity on the class computer, to erase the photo forever. But to no avail the very next day the photo was back again.”Oh No if my parents or my GRANDPARENTS see this I don’t think they’ll be all that happy with me” whispered Chewbacca to herself unhappily.

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